Initial Assessment

HCCM will perform a complete assessment of your facility and/or system. Our detailed assessment would include:

Primary Assessment
  1. Perform physical count of all curtains in every department and patient room.
  2. Perform a physical inspection.
  3. Record and annotate the state of each curtain.
  4. Provide a detailed report the overall condition of each curtain.
Secondary Assessment

Provide a detailed report regarding usability and rotation options.

Our Curtain Process

  1. Our professional staff will enter your facility in uniform.
  2. Report to the environmental service department or other specified department to inform your staff that we are on-site.
  3. Enter each department and the individual patient rooms to remove curtains in a courteous manner with appropriate greeting/salutation.
  4. Contact your staff prior to leaving your facility.
  5. Provide a receipt (including count and locations) of curtains that have been removed.
  6. Establish scheduled time for curtain return.

Additional Option: Provide pick-up and drop off service only at a reduced rate.

Our Tracking Service

  • RFID technology
  • Portable scanners
  • Reports
  • Independent accounts
  • Secure log-in

Our Wash Services

  • We always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and washing.
  • We wash curtains at temperatures not to exceed 160°F, using synthetic setting and mild detergent. We do not use any bleach or fabric softener, and do not use the extract setting.
  • We dry curtains 3 to 5 minutes, on synthetic cycle, at temperatures not to exceed 110°F, until damp dry. We then remove immediately.
  • We finish curtains with a light touch-up with a hand iron, not to exceed 275°F and avoiding prolonged contact with heat.